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Patron Saint of Salespeople

St. Lucia or St. Lucy is the Patron Saint of salespeople. Her story??

She stood strong in her faith and was persecuted because of it. She was hooked to a team of oxen, but could not be moved. She stood strong in her beliefs.

Then she had her eyes cut out and was stabbed in the throat. Nice metaphor.

In October, I missed my 'quota' for the first time this year. My 2010 personal goals allowed for this (plus one actually), but I was attempting to pitch the sales equivalent of a no-hitter. I missed.

Even though I am still at roughly 150% YTD

Even though I am guaranteed to go to President's Club (they've already listed it under 'taxable gift' on my last paystub).

Even though I will almost assuredly be in the Top 10 nationwide.....

Even though I have not been dragged away by a team of oxen, I still feel my eyes on a plate. But, I'm the one doing the gouging. There is no one as critical of me as me. well with the Patron Saint/Catholic motif.

Pray for us St. Lucy....pray for us.


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